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 Answering a call from another telephone (Call Pick-up)


You can answer an incoming call that is ringing at another extension  from your phone without
leaving your desk.

Call Pick-Up only applies to those with White Telkom Business Receivers.

Directed Call Pickup: Picks up a specified extension's call.


  1. Lift handset
  2. Dial  7     (seven)
  3. then Dial the ringing extension number

-----You hear a confirmation tone that you have picked the call----------


For example

To pick a ringing extension 1084 from extension 1058

  1. Lift handset(extension 1058)
  2. Dial  7
  3. Dial 1084

OR Procedure 2 and 3 put together,

Dial 71084


Please Note:

(1) Do not twist coiled cable of the receiver it will damage your cable

(2) Always keep your headset receiver on the handset bay if not in use so that you can receive calls, This will avoid calls to hangup or continuously engaged.

(3) University Runs on to Telephone systems integrated together via voice gateways. These are VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and PBX digital system.
All extension starting with 2XXX are VoIP and those with 1XXX are analog .


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